Writing Tablet Electronic


12" LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Graphic Board

Price: $25.99

Product Description

1. A good tool to leave important message for your families, friends and yourself
2. A good helper for you to do the math and you can erase all with one button
3. A good tool for you to make note, draft and drawing
4. It's easy to take with you and it can work long time
5. Erase your image or words with only touch of a button, good replacement of stickers and whiteboards
6. The image or words that your left in the writing board can not save or share to other devices

Use Range:
Children early education: Enables your Child to learn faster and easier from Baby
Student draft: Paperless and repeat to use
Family message: Standing on the desk or hanging on the wall for family warm tips
Office use: Record your inspiration anytime and anywhere

Product Name: LCD Writing Tablet
Material: ABS
Screen Size: 12"
Weight: 6.6 ounces
Battery capacity: 75mAh

Operation Tips:
1. Normally one button clear all thing. Please change battery when it can't be clear
2. Avoid using in the following condition temperature higher than 40℃, blew 5℃
3. Don't let board soak in any liquid
4. Don't use sharp stuff to touch surface

Package Included:
1X Writing board
1X Plastic Stylus
1x Button battery (Inside)

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